Definition of Guanche in US English:



  • A member of an aboriginal people speaking a Berber language who formerly inhabited the Canary Islands, and were absorbed after the Spanish conquest in the 15th century.

    • ‘But there were other episodes of utter destruction which have been almost entirely forgotten, like the disappearance of the Guanche people of the Canary islands under the European impact.’
    • ‘Rather closer to home the Spanish also destroyed much of the culture of the Guanches, native inhabitants of the Canary Islands and descendants of the Berbers from nearby North Africa.’
    • ‘The native population of the Canary Islands were the Guanches, a white race, vigorous, of high stature, fair-haired and blue-eyed, and leading mostly a pastoral life.’
    • ‘The typical Canarian cuisine is a blend of Guanche, Spanish, and Latin American food, with bananas and ‘gofio’, a staple grain which plays a leading role in many menus.’
    • ‘I uncovered this when I headed inland and to see the legendary Totem rocks which date back to the island's original inhabitants, the Guanches.’