Definition of grungy in US English:



  • 1informal Grimy; dirty.

    ‘a dark and grungy basement’
    • ‘As you enter the Winter Garden Theatre, you see the interior of a grungy circus tent and hear faraway music and applause.’
    • ‘The puffs that come with your powder can quickly get dirty and grungy.’
    • ‘When relocating the company in October from its famously grungy Madison Avenue offices to bright new digs off Park Avenue, he assigned himself an office no larger than those of other key executives.’
    • ‘Under a looming, shadowed, night-blue sky, the lower section of this drawing is demarcated on the left by a line of grungy, graffitied trucks parked behind a fence.’
    • ‘Ten people find themselves stranded at an old, grungy motel.’
    • ‘The encounter is staged in a grungy bathroom stocked with brand-name cleaning and personal hygiene products.’
    • ‘Having spent the last week crossing the Mojave, Scott and I were grungier than usual.’
    • ‘The newly revamped quarters are a refreshing change from the usual grungy and sometimes intimidating British unemployment offices.’
    • ‘The 30 photographs depicting grungy Chicagoland hot dog stands were appropriately exhibited at City Gallery.’
    • ‘The sets were lavishly grungy: all rusting metalwork, peeling plaster and torn posters.’
  • 2Relating to or denoting a form of rock music characterized by a raucous guitar sound and lazy vocal delivery.

    ‘grungy guitars and vocals’
    • ‘There's a fast, engaging, loud grungy pop band onstage and the room is full.’
    • ‘The track has very heavy guitars and a great grungy feel.’
    • ‘Their sound was noisy and funky and grungy and to many fans this album was seen as their high point.’
    • ‘His aggressive editing preserves the grungy feel of rock and roll even as it affectionately perverts the work of one of its saints.’
    • ‘The guitars are dirty, brutal and almost grungy in places.’
    • ‘Grungy guitars collided with a full-on rhythmic attack, as the trio bashed upon custom-made percussive devices at centre stage.’
    • ‘The band's overall grungy pop sound clearly connected with fans in North America - something few U.K. bands are able to do on a consistent basis.’
    • ‘The guitarists strut their stuff on the grungy title-track.’
    • ‘A lot of the other songs on the record have more of an alternative, grungy feel.’
    • ‘He mixes pure pop and grungy rock with odd, quirky experimentation.’
    1. 2.1 Relating to the fashion associated with grunge rock, including loose, layered clothing and ripped jeans.
      ‘the downbeat, grungy look of the early 1990s’
      • ‘It is a performance that marks something of a coming-of-age for the actor, who adopts an American accent and an altogether more grungy look.’
      • ‘The parties he threw were as eclectic as music itself; visitors would sometimes find grungy rockers eating traditional Italian meals prepared by his mother.’
      • ‘We'd have a good mix of people at the shows, guys with high heels and tights and grungy dirty looking kids.’
      • ‘He is the rock star in all but name, wearing the same lank mane and trademark grungy threads.’
      • ‘I follow a gaggle of fashionably grungy Italian kids into a marquee.’
      • ‘She's beyond cool, with a grungy glamour, and looks so great when she dances.’
      • ‘Evan seems to have it all - brains, grungy good looks, a girlfriend that turns heads on campus.’
      • ‘She plays Annabel, a rebellious grungy teen chick with an attitude.’
      • ‘People see me as a kind of grungy person.’
      • ‘There's a kid out there, called Milo, whose a techy genius, working from a garage with his grungy pals.’