Definition of grubbiness in US English:



  • See grubby

    • ‘When, for instance, people protested against the rudeness, grubbiness and incompetence of train and bus conductors (a popular subject), the route, the date and time, and details of offensive behaviour were always given.’
    • ‘He is at odds with the grubbiness of what he does to the point of getting obsessed with the cleanness of his immediate surroundings: when his medication accidentally disappears down a drain, he cleans his apartment with a toothbrush.’
    • ‘In the way the French can and Hollywood doesn't, this young woman was portrayed in all her sordid rags and grubbiness, yet somehow without quite obscuring the enchanting creature of stunning sexuality beneath.’
    • ‘But at times it is the moments of personal grubbiness that stand out.’
    • ‘He, on the other hand, seems to believe that a certain amount of grubbiness in politics is only to be expected and tolerated.’