Definition of grrr in US English:


(also grr)


  • Used to express anger or annoyance.

    ‘he didn't think to let me order first or ask what kind of wine I preferred. Grrr!’
    ‘grr, life is not fair’
    • ‘How many more days, grrr!’
    • ‘Grrr, it still bugs me.’
    • ‘I had my Christmas voucher sent to me last year only to find out that it had been taken, grrr!’
    • ‘My philosophy is that if I'm going to go bald I'm going to go bald my way, on my terms grrr!’
    • ‘And the 44-year old didn't look like she'd aged a day either (grrr).’
    • ‘Grrr makes me so angry that children (our future) can be treated in such a way.’
    • ‘Grrr no edit button.’
    • ‘Grrr so annoyed my dress ripped last night.’
    • ‘Grrr how I dislike people who judge others based on looks.’
    • ‘She manages to make the Maldives look tacky grrr!’


Mid 19th century: imitative of the sound of an animal growling.