Definition of growth fund in US English:

growth fund


  • A mutual fund that invests primarily in stocks that are expected to increase in capital value rather than yield high income.

    • ‘You might sell one growth fund at a loss, and immediately reinvest the proceeds in another better-performing growth fund.’
    • ‘If you choose a mutual fund decide on a growth fund.’
    • ‘It has outperformed the average global growth fund over both one and five years.’
    • ‘You purge, say, your lousy large-cap growth fund and replace it with a better one.’
    • ‘The growth fund gained 1.65% and the income fund lost 2.12% due to a jump in interest rates.’
    • ‘Advisers say that if you are investing in a growth fund that pays minimal dividends, the income will almost always fall below this level.’
    • ‘Similarly, you shouldn't expect a growth fund - which looks for stocks of rapidly growing companies - to post gains in a bear market.’
    • ‘And if you've owned a small-company growth fund the past five years, you've probably been shocked by just how much you can lose in one of these funds.’
    • ‘The growth fund is now in its fifth year and has proven the effectiveness of the hedge to preserve capital.’
    • ‘And neither investors nor advisers like discovering that their large-company growth fund has sunk 20% of its assets into something unexpected - like bonds.’
    • ‘But that's less than the 57% loss the average midcap growth fund posted.’
    • ‘The average growth fund tumbled 24.1% this year.’
    • ‘In the case of portfolio #1, year by year, the growth fund will grow faster than the income fund.’
    • ‘Furthermore, you'd probably fare best in a small-company growth fund, which looks for companies whose earnings are expected to soar.’
    • ‘They have all been in a mad rush to beat their competitors in producing a new super growth fund for the new bull market.’
    • ‘But it wouldn't be hard for an adviser to justify, say, his firm's growth fund over a competitor's.’
    • ‘The long-term performance of any growth fund is likely to be good.’
    • ‘If we are indeed poised for an upturn, it would be sensible to consider investing in a growth fund.’
    • ‘Not only is it this year's top-performing large-cap growth fund, up more than 17%, but what's even sweeter is that Uncle Sam won't get his mitts on those gains for some time.’
    • ‘The growth fund uses primarily stocks which can be protected in down markets by use of 100% hedging with appropriate stock index options.’