Definition of growth company in US English:

growth company


  • A company that is growing rapidly in comparison to other companies in its field or the economy as a whole.

    • ‘What has changed is the definition of a good growth company.’
    • ‘The argument is that a growth company can be treated as a portfolio of real options, the value of which represents what is possible beyond today's business operations.’
    • ‘Whatever its appeal, it proves that even in the face of big-box competition, a tiny player can become both a beloved local business and a profitable growth company.’
    • ‘Price-to-sales is used for spotting recovery situations or for double checking that a growth company has not become overvalued.’
    • ‘Ultimately I was successful in landing a very promising position with a growth company, but accepting far less compensation than earned previously.’
    • ‘To be sure, it can be an awful lot to pull together - particularly for the CEO of a high-tech growth company.’
    • ‘How do you guide a legendary growth company through the worst slump in its history?’
    • ‘Every item sold and every service offered is designed to maintain the community he has created - one that has helped him fulfill his dream of turning his dad's business into a true growth company and of staying close to home.’
    • ‘We pride ourselves on being a growth company in an industry that isn't growing.’
    • ‘But can the onetime Swedish star become a growth company again?’
    • ‘A successful growth company is heavily reliant on the capabilities of its managers, and managers are not infallible.’
    • ‘The one-time growth company earned $2.9 billion last year - almost exactly its level of earnings six years ago.’
    • ‘It has also encouraged debate about what companies do with shareholders' money and made clearer the difference between a mature, dividend-paying company and a growth company.’
    • ‘And if we believe, as I do, that we can be a growth company again, then I think that's the right place to place your capital.’
    • ‘It was an admission that the company wasn't a growth company.’
    • ‘They'll gladly drop $5 million to $10 million into a starving growth company with positive cash flow because those revenues will prop up the venture fund's returns.’
    • ‘She believes that options should account for no more than 30 percent of the pay package for a CEO of a mature company, and no more than 45 percent for the CEO of a growth company.’
    • ‘‘Our overriding financial goal here is to be a top-tier growth company among our peers,’ he says.’
    • ‘A growth company in Topeka prepares to make its cosmic debut.’
    • ‘But can he turn the Bonn-based giant into a growth company again?’