Definition of grower in US English:



  • 1A person who grows a particular type of crop.

    ‘a fruit grower’
    • ‘I think the growers really need to be very aware of what is going on.’
    • ‘For fruit and nut crops, pollination can be a grower's only real chance to increase yield.’
    • ‘Is there a political issue around which local growers in the country and their buyers in the city can coalesce?’
    • ‘There's not a single organic cotton grower in Australia.’
    • ‘The vintner is, in fact, descended from a long line of fruit growers and winemakers.’
    • ‘Such plantings may be doomed to failure, regardless of the amount of pesticide a grower uses.’
    • ‘She traveled through Europe and contacted seed growers around the world to learn the seed trade.’
    • ‘An organic kiwifruit grower in my area wanted to introduce a new organic substance for use in production.’
    • ‘Organic wheat growers, however, report receiving a 40 percent price premium.’
    • ‘But equally, how can we safeguard the interests of farmers and growers around the world?’
    • ‘I remember having a debate about organic methods with a commercial vegetable grower.’
    • ‘Grain growers planting winter wheat will need a level of price guarantee for the harvest.’
    • ‘Sugar beet is being bought for value from sugar beet growers with surplus beet.’
    • ‘The seed and seed treatment selection is the first step in a grower's crop production plan.’
    • ‘They soon dominated the industry while the smaller growers supplied them with their grapes grown on family holdings.’
    • ‘Dust may be a nuisance to a homeowner, but to a poultry grower it can be a disaster.’
    • ‘There are about 1,500 commercial apple growers in New Zealand.’
    • ‘Especially hard hit were the region's fruit farmers and potato and sugar beet growers.’
    • ‘I am a turkey grower in Central Texas who markets manure and produces compost for retail sales.’
    • ‘The 136 growers who supply the mill have agreed not to use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.’
  • 2with adjective A plant that grows in a specified way.

    ‘a fast grower’
    • ‘A very vigorous grower with fast repeat, it may be grown in all zones.’
    • ‘Sow mustard after other salad greens have sprouted; this vigorous grower can crowd out everything else.’
    • ‘Some nurseries grow the former in place of the latter because it is much more vigorous in growth than Meehanii, which is a very weak grower in its early stages.’
    • ‘A slow grower in moist, slightly acidic soil, cleyera is virtually pest-free.’
    • ‘They are fast growers and tend to bloom over a much longer period than perennial climbers such as clematis and honeysuckle.’
    • ‘It is a very vigorous grower, however, and tends to be lanky rather than bushy, he notes.’
    • ‘They are a vigorous grower spreading by underground root and tolerate many types of soil.’
    • ‘Oregano is a prolific grower that can send out shoots that grow to six feet in a single season.’
    • ‘Another slow grower identified as M. xenopi also matched with the identification based on biochemical tests.’
    • ‘The compact, upright grower is easy to train up a trellis, and the abundant red blooms come just in time for the holidays.’
  • 3informal A song or piece of music that is initially unimpressive but becomes more appealing when heard several times.

    ‘their last two albums were real growers for me’