Definition of grow into in US English:

grow into

phrasal verb

  • 1Become as a result of natural development or gradual increase.

    ‘Swampscott grew into a fishing village of about three hundred people by the 1850s’
    • ‘As she grows into a young society lady, her behaviour appears no less bizarre, and she eventually gives up her comfy middle-class existence to live in a beat-up house on a small island.’
    • ‘It's a really fascinating thing to be here for that, because we can be part of it, whatever it grows into.’
    • ‘The family return to Edinburgh in the 1930s and, as Esme grows into an independent and spirited young woman, she becomes more and more estranged from her middle-class family, who find her behaviour shameful.’
    • ‘After the better part of a decade hoping that the person I am growing into was good enough for her I had my moment of glory, and now I have my lifetime of regrets.’
    • ‘The bone cells were cultured in lab until they grew into a big enough chunk that a jeweller could carve it into a ring.’
    • ‘The whole point of America is that it didn't just grow into nationhood from the gradual merging of peoples and consolidation of lands.’
    • ‘Imagine one single, little seed, buried in the earth, slowly growing into a plant large enough to provide shelter for a great flock of birds.’
    • ‘Just one background song is enough for a little lad to grow into a 25-year-old man.’
    • ‘You pull out a fresh sheet of paper and, with great effort, jot down a few more ideas, one of which grows into an enormous half-page doodle involving flowers and lightning bolts.’
    • ‘Quickly this confidence grew into the arrogance of success and they became so comfortable they didn't even notice what was happening.’
    1. 1.1 Become large enough to wear (a garment) comfortably.