Definition of grow-op in US English:



  • An enterprise or facility engaged in growing and selling marijuana.

    ‘police seized more than $2 million in marijuana after an outdoor grow-op was discovered’
    • ‘B.C. woman, 66, caught helping harvest marijuana in another senior's grow-op gets conditional sentence’
    • ‘Police raided his alleged grow-op last June and arrested 13 people.’
    • ‘It tells the true story of a retiring couple who rent out their farmhouse, only to discover their tenant has turned it into a marijuana grow-op.’
    • ‘A transformer that powered up lights for the grow-op touched the floor, igniting the fire.’
    • ‘In my native British Columbia the police use helicopters to search for indoor grow ops using infrared/thermal imagery.’
    • ‘The city's involvement with the grow-op began last March, when firefighters attempted to do a routine inspection at the building.’
    • ‘West Kelowna fire crews responded to a routine fire report last night and uncovered a grow op in the process.’
    • ‘The issue is public concern over indoor grow ops in residential neighbourhoods.’
    • ‘In late June, a police bust at a small scale grow op on the same block of Dunbar Street yielded several pounds of marijuana.’
    • ‘Victoria police say they found a large-scale grow-op in a vacant business on Government Street near Bay Street.’


1990s: short for grow operation.