Definition of grout in US English:



  • A mortar or paste for filling crevices, especially the gaps between wall or floor tiles.

    • ‘Tile grout is neither waterproof nor stainproof, so it usually must be sealed.’
    • ‘Pristine new white grout replaced the dingy old grout, and the tile was cleaned, buffed, and sealed to show its lively colors to best effect.’
    • ‘Let tile set overnight before applying grout.’
    • ‘Creamy liquid appliance wax can be used, if wished, for further protection of tile and grout.’
    • ‘Wall or floor grout is mixed and applied as per instructions on the product container.’
    • ‘Another application of mortar or grout creates a level surface.’
    • ‘If tiles are cracked or grout is missing, fix it to prevent water from pervading.’
    • ‘Seal the finishing material well with tile grout, and caulk all the joints to prevent water damage.’
    • ‘What can I use that will do the job, yet not harm surrounding plants or damage the tile and grout on the porch?’
    • ‘Tiles, grout, thinset, cement board, tools and complete installation instructions are available at most home centers and other retailers of tile supplies.’
    • ‘Wall and floor tile grout must be sealed to prevent damage from moisture and graffiti.’
    • ‘To clean tile grout, an old toothbrush works well.’
    • ‘After the patio has set up, you can use mortar as grout between the stones, sponging off excess before it sets up to keep things neater.’
    • ‘Make sure that there is no missing grout between the tiles.’
    • ‘Mix into a smooth paste and scrub into grout with a sponge or toothbrush.’
    • ‘Replace cracked or broken tiles or missing grout in the shower and bath areas.’
    • ‘Using a notched trowel and working in small sections, spread 1/4 inch of grout or tile adhesive on the table surface.’
    • ‘It is a clear solution so it does not change the color of the tile or bricks and grout, but it will give a gloss to the surface.’
    • ‘Cover the tiles with grout using a rubber-bottom float or a sponge and wipe on a diagonal.’
    • ‘You are correct to be concerned about the grout between the tiles, as grout is a porous material that is not easily cleaned and could harbor bacteria.’


[with object]
  • Fill in with grout.

    ‘the gaps are grouted afterward’
    • ‘The trusses were then fitted into steel nodes up to half a tonne in size, with bolts grouted into place with epoxy resin ‘to ensure perfect load transfer’.’
    • ‘All grout holes/zones will be grouted to refusal.’
    • ‘A city council spokesman said the appearance of the mosaics, which are grouted on to walls, amounted to ‘mindless vandalism’.’
    • ‘He installed it all in one day and grouted it the next.’
    • ‘Each of the 100,000 individual tiles in the 120 sq ft design will then have to be grouted before the pond can be filled with water and Nathalie's handiwork revealed in all its glory.’
    • ‘Is that the stuff we grouted the bathroom with?’
    • ‘At page 52, article provides that bed joints shall be leveled back from the space to be grouted so as to avoid extrusion of the mortar into the grout space.’
    • ‘The roadbed looked like it was made from rectangular white building stones, grouted together carefully, that had been grossly discolored.’
    • ‘I'm hoping that by the time I get home, the office tile has been grouted, dried and the furniture put in place.’
    • ‘He stacked the bottles, fixed them together with armature, and then grouted them.’
    • ‘I recommend conducting nondestructive tests such as infrared imaging to determine if any water is present in the lower portion of the cells that are not grouted.’
    • ‘Curled slab edges will lift off the soil bearing along the joint edges and should be grouted to re-establish the proper bearing.’
    • ‘The tile floors in the bathrooms were not grouted.’
    • ‘The squares were cut to fit the stream shape, adhered with thin-set adhesive, then grouted.’
    • ‘I have had to have the whole place grouted and re-plastered, and re-decorated, from the floor to the ceiling.’
    • ‘The walls are white-washed and look good but the floors have yet to be grouted and cleaned.’
    • ‘They are incorrectly grouted, there are gaps and a lot of joints filled with tile adhesive.’
    • ‘In the presence of water and oxygen, steel rebars in bond beams, grouted cells, or collar joints will corrode.’
    • ‘The window uses glass blocks grouted with silicone for flexibility, set into a common frame with an operable awning window which can be placed above, below, or even in the center of the block assembly.’
    • ‘Most of these materials are simply adhered to the wall with the appropriate adhesive and the joints are grouted.’


Mid 17th century: perhaps from grouts, or related to French dialect grouter ‘grout a wall’.