Definition of group hug in US English:

group hug


  • An instance of three or more people embracing one another simultaneously, typically to provide support or express solidarity.

    ‘no alternative therapy workshop would be complete without group hugs’
    • ‘Don't be surprised if the news doesn't produce cheers and a group hug.’
    • ‘Sensing the moment, the classmates all joined in a group hug - and then most of the thousands of us already on our feet and cheering became watery-eyed as well.’
    • ‘Instead of group hugs, what is required is a compromise.’
    • ‘There is no group hug, though everyone looks happy and well.’
    • ‘After a long, quiet time just sitting in the presence of my class, the students gathered around me and gave a group hug.’
    • ‘Responses from students can sound at times like a virtual group hug.’
    • ‘There were group hugs for everyone!’
    • ‘In hockey, the team gathers for a group hug after every goal.’
    • ‘But this overstaged, overhyped, overwrought season with its weeping and wailing and group hugs and quest for the golden ticket is over the top.’
    • ‘Water bottles and set lists were thrown into the crowd and the band had a big group hug at centre stage.’
    • ‘And then, the three of us shared a group hug, tears of joy flowing from our eyes.’
    • ‘All of the girls nodded and had a big group hug.’
    • ‘There are tears, group hugs, gleeful dances.’
    • ‘Group hugs end each show.’
    • ‘"We sit down and have a cup of tea and a group hug," jokes Jake.’
    • ‘They came running in right after my name had been said, and we basically had a big group hug, a big family hug.’
    • ‘If it's not enough to see the band soundcheck, do interviews, participate in group hugs and create no havoc backstage whatsoever, there's also a full concert, recorded in Australia in 2003.’
    • ‘There is no pain that can't be soothed by a group hug, a little retail therapy or a tub of ice cream.’
    • ‘You feel at any time they're entirely liable to fall into a group hug.’
    • ‘Be grateful I'm not forcing us into a group hug.’