Definition of groundsill in US English:


(also groundsel)


  • The horizontal beam or timber in a building that is secured to the foundation and is the base for the rest of the structure.

    • ‘The cruck blades used in its construction spring directly from the groundsills and these support the roof timbers.’
    • ‘The inside groundsill has anchor bolts previously installed that permit an easy mounting of columns or posts on the inside groundsill.’
    • ‘In most cases, the damage included tilted roofs, broken groundsills, and broken walls and tile.’
    • ‘For groundsills, we use laminated American hiba arborvitae wood highly resistant to rot and termites - a necessary considerations for future residents.’
    • ‘When we were building with plain old stud walls, overloading the wood fibers of the groundsills never happened and it was a non-problem.’