Definition of groundlessly in US English:



  • See groundless

    • ‘It was once thought to be by Defoe, but is now known not to be by him or Swift, to whom the work was sometimes groundlessly attributed.’
    • ‘If our fear is vain, it is certain that fear itself is evil, and that the heart is groundlessly disturbed and tortured.’
    • ‘If your name was randomly, groundlessly and wrongly linked with that of your party's Presidential front-runner, wouldn't you quickly put the rumors to rest with an unqualified denial?’
    • ‘The film is so airless, so groundlessly sure of itself, that having a good time is out of the question.’
    • ‘But once past that grey-scale headstone, we get to the serious-minded editorial note of introduction, which only later, in the context of what is to come, reveals itself for the groundlessly self-important mission statement it is.’