Definition of grounded in English:



  • 1Well balanced and sensible.

    ‘the kids have money and a rock-star dad, but they seem grounded’
    • ‘We then present the case study of water reform in Zimbabwe as a means of demonstrating the grounded, decentered, and engaged approach of political ecology.’
    • ‘The poems are center-justified, which gives a grounded, balanced feeling to the text.’
    • ‘She says that her mother keeps her grounded, and that her father reinforced the value of education.’
    • ‘A relatively small group of geographers have managed to develop original theoretical insights from their grounded studies of the Asian experience.’
    • ‘In today's climate where young people seem to be spiraling out of control, a quiet, grounded and calming voice has come to give them guidance.’
    • ‘Scholars doing grounded theory research use various methods, such as interviews, observations, and reviewing documents to collect data.’
    • ‘Credit the coach, a grounded blue-collar man, for instilling the same attitude in his position group.’
    • ‘Of course, there are a few individuals who have actually scaled all the concentric circles and arrived at a true, grounded love for all humanity.’
    • ‘Their voices lifting with a grounded swagger, the Staples make this deeply Biblical song the dreadful hymn that it always hinted at being.’
    • ‘All three stories are engaging, but the grounded reality of the latter stories overwhelms the folk tale, leaving it feeling like a tacked on intellectual conceit.’
    • ‘Double up with Lilith, Diana or Ishtar to develop an honest projection of sexuality, and call on Gaia for grounded acceptance of your place in the world.’
    • ‘Instead, these narratives provide a grounded expression of people's experiences, interests, and values.’
    • ‘She used to lift weights and shoot hoops with her father, but today running, yoga and a vegan diet help keep her grounded and fit while touring the world.’
  • 2(of a pilot or an aircraft) prohibited or prevented from flying.

    ‘you don't taunt a grounded flier, especially after he's had a few beers’
    • ‘The majority of passengers from Friday's grounded flight flew on the later service to Washington the same day.’
    • ‘The grounded aircraft which costs around £300,000 a year to run relies entirely on public donations and operates on a month-by-month basis.’
    • ‘Aircraft engineers were also expected to arrive from Guyana on that 10 pm flight to fix the grounded A320.’
    • ‘All of the grounded aircraft had reached this figure.’
    • ‘The grounded pilots stopped chatting to each other and looked up.’
    • ‘As a result, he was officially grounded by the Air Guard.’
    • ‘Your first mission will be to defend the Pearl Harbour base by knocking down three incoming aircraft, ensuring they do not take out the grounded planes and hangars.’
    • ‘Surviving aircraft in Russia are now largely grounded due to the high cost of spare parts.’
    • ‘A security alert was sparked at Glasgow airport yesterday after a grounded aircraft was set on fire.’
    • ‘The bad weather also blocked roads and grounded helicopters as troops raced against the approaching Himalayan winter to ferry aid to remote areas.’
    • ‘The Luftwaffe would have all of their fighters in the air early for the purpose of strafing Allied airfields and destroying all grounded aircraft.’
    • ‘As gale force winds and ice grounded civilian aircraft, the Hercules flew a four-day-old boy from Swansea to Glasgow for life-saving treatment.’
    1. 2.1informal (of a child being punished) not allowed to participate in social or recreational activities.
      ‘the problem is, I've got more grounded friends than available friends’
      • ‘They figured it out about 4 years ago when they were both grounded.’