Definition of ground wire in US English:

ground wire

(also grounding wire)


North American
  • A wire that has an electrical connection to the earth, either directly or through another grounded conductor.

    ‘check the ground wire and connection’
    • ‘He was unaware of the existence of the ground wire, which he said could not have been discovered by him.’
    • ‘A ground wire was placed under the moistened filter paper within the recording chamber.’
    • ‘Electric current travelling through the ground wire may accelerate corrosion.’
    • ‘They might also run a ground wire from the cable to the street below.’
    • ‘One of the most difficult aspects of replacing the fuel filter is disconnecting the ground wire from the fuel filter.’
    • ‘Once the foam is out of the way, you need to disconnect the fuel lines and the ground wire.’
    • ‘Be sure that the ground wire is connected to a proper ground source, such as a cold-water pipe or a grounding rod driven into the ground.’
    • ‘Don't forget to connect the ground wire.’
    • ‘We're trailing jumper cables over the side as grounding wires, just in case.’
    • ‘Make sure the adapter ground wire is attached to the outlet.’