Definition of ground ivy in US English:

ground ivy


  • A creeping plant of the mint family, with bluish-purple flowers. Native to Europe, it has become established in eastern North America.

    Glechoma hederacea, family Labiatae

    • ‘On the opposite extreme, shallow-rooted groundcover weeds such as ground ivy and chickweed help prevent erosion and prevent soil crusting when dry.’
    • ‘Fallen petals from a cluster of pear trees lay like unmelting snowflakes upon the earth; ground ivy, lungwort, and the last bluebells yielded splashes of azure and violet.’
    • ‘You can even plant periwinkle, bugle and ground ivy in the gaps in your log or rock pile - this could make a fun project for an older child.’
    • ‘While studies show that it is very effective against hard to kill broadleaf weeds like ground ivy, white clover and spurge, the company is still testing the product's safety on bentgrass greens.’
    • ‘I may not be Michelle Pfeiffer, Julia Roberts or Rachel Weisz - but I doubt if any of them are much good at dealing with the septic tank or wrestling the ground ivy.’


ground ivy

/ɡround ˈīvē/