Definition of ground effect in US English:

ground effect


  • The effect of added aerodynamic buoyancy produced by a cushion of air below a vehicle moving close to the ground.

    • ‘Such fishes can offset costs of transport using burst-and-glide behavior when swimming in the water column and ground effect near the substratum.’
    • ‘Race cars are usually fitted with spoilers and ground effects to improve aerodynamics and thus, its acceleration and fuel economy.’
    • ‘Its weight/power ratio plus its ground effect aerodynamics should allow the car to withstand comparison with the GT cars for a much smaller outlay and lower season costs.’
    • ‘The ground effect cars of the early 80s were generating forces dangerously close to the point where drivers could start blacking out behind the wheel.’
    • ‘The new parts consist of a front air splitter fitted below the factory nose section, skirts for the rear of the side sills and a new rear undertray to enhance the ground effects of the factory flat bottom and central venturi.’
    • ‘All of these hypotheses stem from the common idea that local acoustic habitats are highly variable due to the interplay of atmospheric, vegetative, and ground effects.’
    • ‘The car has improved a lot with the new aerodynamic shape and it's got more ground effect, also is even faster in the corners.’
    • ‘Several dived into ground effect and skimmed some 200 meters before flaring with tail wind.’
    • ‘You channel all your energies into finding a really trendy stroller on which you can install rims and ground effects.’
    • ‘Some pilots land hang gliders by staying in prone holding onto the control bar flying the glider well into the ground effect and don't place their hands on the down tubes until the last second, when they are just about ready to flare.’
    • ‘To our surprise, the vibrations lessened considerably as we got into ground effect at 40 feet.’
    • ‘Surprisingly, a plane's performance at slow airspeeds actually improves during ground effect, so don't be impatient to escape it.’
    • ‘The hover ceiling within ground effect is 2,600m and the never exceed speed is over 285 km/hr.’
    • ‘There's plenty of power being sent to the 16-inch all-season radials mounted on some very stylish alloy wheels, and the body-colored ground effects not only make the car look sweet, but the front air dam also doubles as a snow plow.’
    • ‘Wind moving across the top of a low-wing is immediately shunted toward the ground, allowing the airplane to ‘float’ in ground effect, at least when compared to the Cessnas.’
    • ‘So we probably need to introduce our own versions on a regular cycle - with bigger engines, horsepower, ground effect - to keep the buzz effect up.’
    • ‘When the vibration levels decreased as we entered ground effect, we had another chance to adapt our plan.’
    • ‘Close attention to downforce and underbody aerodynamics helped the Carrera GT achieve such a high maximum velocity, with a fully clad carbon underfloor providing ground effects together with the rear diffuser and air flow ducts.’
    • ‘He is currently on assignment in Australia doing a report of the Australian use of ground effect vehicles as a way of getting people into the cities.’
    • ‘I spent my last three paychecks on ground effects and subwoofers for my cart.’


ground effect

/ɡround əˈfekt/