Definition of ground dove in US English:

ground dove


  • A small dove that spends much of its time on the ground, feeding and frequently nesting there.

    Columbina, Gallicolumba, and related genera, family Columbidae: several species, including the common ground dove (C. passerina) of North and Central America

    • ‘Other birds on the island include boobies, fairy terns, frigate birds, and a good-sized population of friendly ground doves, a species classed as internationally vulnerable.’
    • ‘Around me was the tiny hoot of ground doves and the twittering of bananaquits.’
    • ‘Miniature ground doves twittered along the sand, their heads pecking uncomfortably back and forth like clockwork gone haywire.’


ground dove

/ˈɡround ˌdəv/