Definition of ground crew in US English:

ground crew


  • treated as singular or plural A team of people who maintain and service an aircraft on the ground.

    ‘ground crews are inspecting the plane’
    • ‘There are two shots of it skidding into other aircraft and scattering ground crews.’
    • ‘After shutting down and climbing out of the aircraft, I was surprised to see the entire ground crew huddled around the port inboard flap.’
    • ‘That way, any ground crew personnel on did not get hit by a prop but could get to an engine in case of fire.’
    • ‘The local ground crew reset the gear as each aircraft taxied clear.’
    • ‘It is mostly a story about service life in the desert and of the constant strain of operations on pilot, ground crew and aircraft.’
    • ‘Although today's Spanish dispute will not affect air traffic controllers, it will involve airport fire services and ground crews.’
    • ‘The reason for this was that he was distracted by ground crew who were bringing beverages and ice to the aircraft.’
    • ‘Long before the aircrew are awake, the indispensable ground crew service aircraft ready for the next sortie.’
    • ‘When the ground crew vehicles were within four miles, we started pointing out topographic features to give them directions.’
    • ‘The expert workmanship of the ground crew team allowed for an on-time takeoff despite all the encountered setbacks and delays.’
    • ‘Some 640 airmen and ground crew are joining the aircraft.’
    • ‘It is a tribute to the outstanding efforts of ground crew that this was maintained throughout the entire deployment.’
    • ‘Instead, ground crews cannibalized what they needed to keep other planes in service.’
    • ‘And the transition from a company ground crew at Sea-Tac to a contract crew caused numerous problems.’
    • ‘We again clarified with the ground crew we would not be shutting down.’
    • ‘After landing at Yuma, I handed the ground crew my fuel card, headed into base ops to file, and checked weather for the final leg.’
    • ‘He highlighted the strong dedication of the ground crews in maintaining the Hornets in arduous conditions, and also thanked the families.’
    • ‘After leaving the boat, we spent a week at the squadron, while a ground crew flew to Jacksonville to prepare the aircraft for transfer.’
    • ‘Thanks to everyone who wrote in with places to buy shooting range/airport ground crew noise blockers.’
    • ‘While the ground crew can perform basic aircraft maintenance on the road, the PC - 9s don't need a lot of work to keep them in the air.’


ground crew

/ˈɡraʊnd ˌkru//ˈɡround ˌkro͞o/