Definition of ground cloth in US English:

ground cloth

(also groundcloth)


  • A waterproof cloth spread under a sleeping bag, directly on the ground or inside a tent.

    Also called groundsheet
    • ‘Spread your prepared soil on top of the ground cloth.’
    • ‘He suggests we lash the canoes together and rig a sail out of a ground cloth and two paddles, and he and my son sit in the bow holding this contraption before the wind.’
    • ‘Spread a ground cloth 300 feet from a water source where the sun can shine unobstructed for at least four hours.’
    • ‘Use tarps as ground cloths and to cover up gear from dew and rain.’
    • ‘When you go off to the range to practice your ground fighting skills, I suggest you use a ground cloth or old piece of carpet to position yourself.’


ground cloth

/ˈɡround ˌklôTH//ˈɡraʊnd ˌklɔθ/