Definition of grotesqueness in US English:



  • See grotesque

    • ‘Insects are frightening not for their grotesqueness alone, but for their lack of personality.’
    • ‘Most of the minor characters are cartoonish in their grotesqueness, and they provide an effective foil for the two leads.’
    • ‘The grotesqueness of the story is rendered through the ridiculously difficult process of choosing a proper dress that will emphasize the heroine's femininity and attractiveness.’
    • ‘From its opening moments, the film alternates wide-angle panoramas with screen-popping close-ups of the actors, most of whom seem to have been picked for their grotesqueness.’
    • ‘Masked, they were dynamic, varied, and hilarious, so that their masks actually seemed to become their faces, despite their grotesqueness; unmasked, they were slow, hesitant, and awkward, as if ashamed of the material.’