Definition of grotesquely in US English:



  • 1In a comically or repulsively ugly or distorted manner.

    ‘both men have fingers that are twisted grotesquely’
    as submodifier ‘his body was grotesquely swollen’
    • ‘The sailors affected were so grotesquely swollen that they were essentially unrecognizable.’
    • ‘He began to suffer from weakness and insomnia and bouts of breathlessness and his legs became grotesquely bloated with dropsy.’
    • ‘One of my cats now has a grotesquely swollen stomach.’
    • ‘His face was grotesquely contorted into a toothless smile.’
    • ‘I saw a row of five brightly colored portraits of a wild-haired, grotesquely made-up young woman in a floral-print dress.’
    • ‘Their grotesquely enlarged features give them a monstrous quality.’
    • ‘Some of his figures, especially the grotesquely curvaceous fat ladies, are descendants of the 18th-century caricatures of Thomas Rowlandson.’
    • ‘In the drawings each muscle is significantly over-developed and, at times, grotesquely out of proportion.’
    • ‘Their bodies appear broken and almost grotesquely malformed.’
    • ‘The character is an old, hunchbacked lady with grotesquely misshapen teeth.’
    1. 1.1 In an incongruous or shockingly inappropriate manner.
      ‘a cop who grotesquely abused his power’
      as submodifier ‘a grotesquely unfair tax system’
      • ‘The army's response was either wholly unwarranted or grotesquely disproportionate.’
      • ‘It would be grotesquely unfair to freeze the housing market.’
      • ‘The film is about what happens following this grotesquely ill-advised decision.’
      • ‘It's a truly grotesquely dreadful programme.’
      • ‘Like watching a train wreck in slow motion, the sight is grotesquely compelling.’
      • ‘Grotesquely oversized houses are squeezed into normal-sized lots.’
      • ‘People who watch TV are not stupid, and they know when someone is grotesquely overpaid.’
      • ‘Not to do it now would be grotesquely irresponsible.’
      • ‘Ministers must bring an end to this harrowing, grotesquely unjust process.’
      • ‘He occasionally invents grotesquely exaggerated success stories in a self-mocking parody of his frustrated bourgeois ambitions.’