Definition of gross national product in US English:

gross national product

(also GNP)


  • The total value of goods produced and services provided by a country during one year, equal to the gross domestic product plus the net income from foreign investments.

    • ‘He said that young adults' contributions to society and to the gross national product should also be taken into consideration in discussions on dropping the nation's universal suffrage age.’
    • ‘Most countries ended 1999 with deficits in their gross national product, high rates of unemployment and levels of savings dangerously low.’
    • ‘In 1996, agriculture contributed 15 percent to the gross national product and 43.1 percent of the labor force was engaged in agriculture.’
    • ‘Tourism accounts for one-fourth to one-third of the gross national products but employs a larger proportion of the population.’
    • ‘Unemployment has soared to 18.3 per cent and the foreign debt stands at $132 billion, or half the gross national product.’
    • ‘In relation to the gross national product, such expenditures have declined over the past 12 years from 9.5 percent to 8 percent.’
    • ‘The Department of Finance predicts that gross national product will grow by 2 per cent in 2002.’
    • ‘U.S. gross national product could get a boost, too, since consumers with credit can spend more than those limited to cash.’
    • ‘I asked the journalist what he thinks the percentage of theft is in comparison to the total gross national product, but he played pretty dumb and said he couldn't give me an answer to that question.’
    • ‘The per capita gross national product of the country stands as the world's third lowest, according to a 1998 report.’
    • ‘The countries with the lowest rates of children living in poverty allocate the highest proportion of their gross national product to social expenditure.’
    • ‘And the money that the network news divisions earn and spend is more than the gross national product of several small African nations.’
    • ‘Most of the gross national product comes from services, with industry generating one fourth of the GNP.’
    • ‘International business also affects the gross national product of nations.’
    • ‘Part of the problem is that, in their draft positions, the worst teams are forced to give signing bonuses larger than the gross national products of some countries to unworthy players.’
    • ‘Although low income countries have a gross national product per capita of less than one twelfth of high income countries, the mean price of these basic drugs is only two to three times higher in the established market economies.’
    • ‘The maximum rate of increase is determined by the increase over the previous year of the gross national product of the EU, the increase in national budgets, and the rate of inflation.’
    • ‘In many countries, the provision of antiretroviral drugs at current prices would cost more than their entire gross national product.’
    • ‘The size of these contributions is determined partly by the gross national product of individual countries.’
    • ‘Health care accounts for 7 to 8 percent of the gross national product, not counting the country's massive investments in medical research.’
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gross national product

/ɡroʊs ˈnæʃənl/