Definition of grosgrain in English:



  • A heavy ribbed fabric, typically of silk or rayon.

    • ‘Thus did the trousers come to be made of the same cloth and color as the coat, uniform-style, for example, and facing lapels to be made with rich silk grosgrain, among other subtle changes.’
    • ‘You could not speak of sucking the hats' bowls to your face, or of licking the grosgrain of their sweat-darkened ribbons: there was no way to explain why you even wanted this.’
    • ‘Each bag has specific detailing like zip pockets, brass feet, side snaps, and grosgrain lining.’
    • ‘In contrast round toed flats will be adorned with pompoms, rosebud trims, grosgrain bows and Tyrolean ribbons.’
    • ‘Fuse another web piece to the grosgrain ribbon.’
    • ‘The addition of a simple grosgrain waistband or row of tiny buttons to a simple jersey skirt embodies the mood.’
    • ‘Glue the grosgrain ribbon hinges onto the lid back.’
    • ‘I had rescued them from the bin where she'd thrown them more than once: war decorations with important grosgrain ribbons in moire reds and blues dangling from a clasp, in a leather box from Spink of Piccadilly, like a soldier's.’
    • ‘The big flamboyant trim there is a crumpled bow formed out of hideously expensive and lavish striped grosgrain ribbon, accented with chocolate/pink spotted ribbon, coral pink velvet ribbon and a little carved button.’
    • ‘When she first sees Maureen, she observes her to be a ‘sheer wonder, layered in ivory silk, her thick black hair upswept and tied with a long black grosgrain ribbon.’’
    • ‘I lay slouched back in my ripped leather chair, legs crossed on the table, eyes shut, and my dune hat (without grosgrain band) slipped slightly below the brow.’
    • ‘Another closure option is to attach grosgrain ribbon to the ends.’
    • ‘Ring the neck of a bottle with a wisp of grosgrain ribbon.’
    • ‘While his suits were well structured, nothing beats his black double breasted peak lapel tuxedo suit with grosgrain taping.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a beige high-collared swingcoat was trimmed with pink grosgrain ribbon, a favourite technique of his.’
    • ‘The bow stays tied better if you choose a textural ribbon, such as chenille, rickrack, or grosgrain.’
    • ‘Choose hearty grosgrain ribbons in various widths and colors.’
    • ‘Finish front with bias tape, 1-1/2 inch wide grosgrain or fabric strip sewn to edges and turned into inside and stitched down creating a facing.’
    • ‘Precious fabrics and decorations, brocades, velvet and grosgrain insets and trimming, contrasting with shiny velvet and mohair applications, are in tune with the new aesthetic trend seen in the spring/summer 2003 collection.’
    • ‘It scores with some super cute thongs that have patterned footbeds plus grosgrain ribbon wrapped around the thong and topped with pretty details like bows or even roses (in selected styles).’


Mid 19th century: French, ‘coarse grain’ (see also grogram).