Definition of groovily in US English:



dated, humorous, informal
  • See groovy

    • ‘So everything is tootling along groovily, and then the ex-Girl phoned me up last night.’
    • ‘Ambitious enough to want to push the envelope (though they'd probably settle for shedding their cardiganed cosiness) and rich enough to see it through, they have enlisted a crew of groovily obscure collaborators to update things.’
    • ‘These influences in his life and music are groovily manifested in his live shows and recordings.’
    • ‘Sadly, drivers don't have to undergo an annual test and so there may be some groovily roadworthy cars on the road, but driven by complete imbeciles.’
    • ‘The plane trip back was cool - had a window seat and watched the sun set behind the most groovily layered and coloured clouds.’