Definition of grooved in US English:



  • Provided with or having a groove or grooves.

    ‘grooved tires’
    • ‘The stairs are broken into two sections, separated by a brief landing, and these sections are long, perhaps twenty steps each, with poor footing, the grooved metal worn to smoothness from decades of traffic.’
    • ‘Three glass cubes - ranging in height from two, three and five metres - are partially clad in grooved Burlington blue-grey stone.’
    • ‘I could feel the grooved tread - bristling with conical studs - hustle mud out from under my foot and latch on to the terra firma beneath.’
    • ‘Note the grooved callous on the second digit, into which the pen fits like a ladle into a gravy-boat.’
    • ‘From the picturesque splattering of autumn leaves on the dinner plates to sprinkle of tulips etched out on the grooved wine glasses, your crockery will now have a touch of elegance and sparkle.’