Definition of groggy in US English:



  • Dazed, weak, or unsteady, especially from illness, intoxication, sleep, or a blow.

    ‘the sleeping pills had left her feeling groggy’
    • ‘Her voice was a bit unsteady and groggy, and I fought the urge to roll my eyes.’
    • ‘I guess it's because I've only been cycling first thing in the morning - groggy and half-asleep.’
    • ‘The City chief was substituted early in the first half after suffering mild concussion and was still feeling groggy after the match.’
    • ‘My head ached, my arms and legs felt like lead weights, and I was groggy with sleep.’
    • ‘At first, being groggy with sleep, I could only think of what a terrible dream I had.’
    • ‘She brought us shifts and gowns and we slipped into them, groggy from grief and lack of sleep.’
    • ‘I haven't been sleeping well over the past few nights, and as a result am a bit groggy throughout the day.’
    • ‘At this point their back door slides open and a groggy looking eldest son enquires of me as to what I think I'm doing.’
    • ‘They all sat up, confused and a bit groggy, and succeeded in making everybody cry out in relief.’
    • ‘The thing is, half the time, my friend would stir early and hover in the groggy world of the almost-awake.’
    • ‘It's really enjoyable, but I'm a bit groggy and disorientated so it's not really sinking in.’
    • ‘The captain of the flight reported feeling dizzy and groggy and, at one point, donned an oxygen mask.’
    • ‘At his stop, half asleep, he fell more than rose from his seat but he untangled his legs and kept moving and smiled, too groggy to be up.’
    • ‘Coffee may also interfere with a good night's sleep and cause a groggy start the following day.’
    • ‘Unable to get back to sleep, I headed down to breakfast, feeling groggy but pathetically pleased with myself.’
    • ‘He raised his voice as he walked down the corridor with a groggy, staggering gait.’
    • ‘She was groggy with sleep when she was roughly wakened from some unpleasant dream.’
    • ‘His black hair was unruly as always and his voice was still groggy from sleep.’
    • ‘That was odd, but in my groggy state nothing made much sense.’
    • ‘We saw her yesterday for about 10 minutes and she was feeling a bit groggy, but I rang this morning and she is comfortable.’
    dazed, muzzy, stupefied, in a stupor, befuddled, fuddled, muddled, confused, bewildered, disoriented, disorientated, vague, benumbed, numb, stunned, dizzy, punch-drunk, shaky, staggering, reeling, unsteady, wobbly, weak, faint
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