Definition of groats in US English:


plural noun

  • Hulled or crushed grain, especially oats.

    • ‘One cup of groats has 6 grams of fiber and is also rich in copper, niacin, folate, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc.’
    • ‘She alternates amaranth, brown rice, buckwheat groats, kamut, and millet.’
    • ‘Soba may be the ultimate Japanese noodle: moistly crunchy groats temporarily transformed, as if by magic, into pasta; fragile, earthy strands of buckwheat that cohere just long enough to travel on chopsticks to your mouth.’
    • ‘Sprinkling the starter diet or a small quantity of oat groats on the mat close to the feeder allows the pigs to become acquainted with the feeder.’
    • ‘Certain Council regulations provided that production refunds should be payable for maize starch, but that they should be abolished in the case of maize groats and meal, which were used in the production of beer.’


Late Old English grotan (plural): related to grit and grits.