Definition of Griqua in US English:



  • A member of a people of mixed European and Khoikhoi origin, living mainly in the Cape Province of South Africa.

    • ‘A group of Griqua sold their lands in the Orange River Valley to Boers and migrated across the Drakensberg into land depopulated by the Zulus.’
    • ‘He was a remarkable leader whose vision has guided and united the Griqua people for 100 years.’
    • ‘The Griqua were to see little of the wealth that was to be generated from the enormous diamond mines.’
    • ‘Three histories and a novel lie open in front of me, all having to do with the Griqua people of South Africa.’
    • ‘Diamonds were found in 1867-8, in an area occupied by Griquas, Koranmas, and some Afrikaners.’


  • Relating to the Griqua.


The name in Nama.