Definition of grimily in US English:



  • See grimy

    • ‘The Leopard is a picture of Fordian landscapes made grimily tactile through the sweat and dust coating the actors' tanned visages and finely tailored costumes.’
    • ‘Ian's vision began to brighten only gradually, so that he saw the whiteness - now streaked grimily - of his shirt first and then the light colors of Henry pullover and then the murkily lit basement chamber around him.’
    • ‘Tourist spots such as Trafalgar Square are depicted as grimily oppressive; Canary Wharf is full of ‘monstrous glass buildings’; Kings Cross Underground station is a hell-hole swarming with zombie-like commuters.’
    • ‘It could almost have been a film of the old Hammer school - a Hammer film with a better budget, something which allows the presentation of Edinburgh as a grim and grimily realistic Victorian ghetto.’