Definition of greyhound in US English:



  • A dog of a tall, slender breed having keen sight and capable of high speed, used since ancient times for hunting small game and now chiefly in racing and coursing.

    • ‘Deirdre said the main problem is that greyhounds are seen as racing dogs but not pets in Ireland.’
    • ‘Earlier this month, a retired greyhound defeated a top racehorse to claim the crown of fastest animal in the racing world.’
    • ‘Some underfeed their whippets, lurchers, or greyhounds, because they mistakenly think these breeds are meant to be stick-thin.’
    • ‘The plight of greyhounds past their racing days has touched the hearts of staff at a dog stadium.’
    • ‘He bred greyhounds for many years and had many friends in the racing fraternity.’
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Old English grīghund; the first element, related to Old Norse grey ‘bitch’, is of unknown origin.