Definition of grep in English:



  • A Unix command used to search files for the occurrence of a string of characters that matches a specified pattern.

    • ‘I am obviously not the only person who has ever reverted to grep and find after failing to remember where a particular file is stored on a web site.’
    • ‘In fact, it works a lot like grep: if you give a snippet of your e-mail address or some other text as your key identifier, gpg will match the first key whose user ID contains the string.’
    • ‘The log contains data from many months, not only January 2004, so the first order of business is to use grep to limit our data set.’
    • ‘This utility will search through your mail log file using grep and display important statistics gleaned from that file: largest messages, source of most messages, etc.’
    • ‘The quickest way of finding those messages is by using grep.’


[WITH OBJECT]Computing
  • Search for (a string of characters) using grep.

    • ‘This is so derivative, but I want these links here when I grep my archives.’
    • ‘They plan to assemble the data and grep for various key words and names in hopes of stumbling upon the passphrases of known and suspected evildoers.’
    • ‘Simply grep for " FAIL’ in the logs, and these entries will stand right out.’
    • ‘With tvguide, I can grab what's on the site quickly, grep it and tune in something interesting on my TV card.’
    • ‘It's not too hard to grep the logs for ‘error’ or ‘warning’ and include that in the email, too.’


From the initial letters of g lobal(ly) search r egular e xpression p rint.