Definition of greenshank in US English:



  • A large sandpiper with long greenish legs and gray plumage, breeding in northern Eurasia and North America.

    Genus Tringa, family Scolopacidae: two species, in particular T. nebularia

    • ‘Spotted redshank share their forest-marsh nesting grounds with wood sandpipers, greenshank, whimbrel, jack snipe and broad-billed sandpipers.’
    • ‘An even bigger threat from the proposed wind farm is potential damage to the peatland breeding habitat of wading birds like greenshank, dunlin, and golden plover.’
    • ‘The greenshank breeds in Scotland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.’
    • ‘In summer, the breeding season, greenshanks are brown, and in winter their plumage turns gray and gray-brown.’
    • ‘View the pools and lagoons to see migrant waders like greenshanks and spotted redshanks.’