Definition of greenockite in US English:



  • A mineral consisting of cadmium sulfide and typically occurring as a yellow crust on zinc ores.

    • ‘Kunz and Baskerville refer to a fluorescent greenockite from Franklin, but no data are given, and the description is of limited utility.’
    • ‘One exciting find was a thumbnail with a patch of greenockite and flecks of native copper; later, under higher magnification, some of the copper was found to be crystallized.’
    • ‘Inclusions of greenockite have been found coexisting with sphalerite.’
    • ‘Prehnite and zeolites are typical associates of greenockite, but the latter remains the most elusive and prized species.’
    • ‘The only important ore of cadmium is greenockite, or cadmium sulfide (CdS).’


Mid 19th century: from the name of Lord Greenock, who later became Earl Cathcart (1783–1859), + -ite.