Definition of greenly in US English:



  • See green

    • ‘As they flew over the house and looked down on colourful gardens she could see a pool of some considerable size, glittering greenly in the sun.’
    • ‘Despite running greenly in that race and in the Matron on September 15, Storm Flag Flying has scored both wins with ease.’
    • ‘Here, rather than by the splashing, sunless cascade of the Gorges, is where to have your picnic, in a greenly Arcadian valley in the heart of the mountains.’
    • ‘He was looking at the brother and sister with a queer expression on his face, something akin to suspicion and mistrust growing greenly in his eyes.’
    • ‘With my two fellow passengers greenly studying their feet he was telling me what to expect of the boomerang-shaped island he calls home: ‘Rathlin's a place you'll either love or hate.’’