Definition of greenery in English:



  • Green foliage, growing plants, or vegetation.

    • ‘Cllr Ronson said Bolton had a very attractive town centre but added that she would like to see more greenery.’
    • ‘It is hoped the new greenery will increase the number of heron, water voles and kingfishers that have already been found there.’
    • ‘A month ago I decided my office needed a bit of greenery and brought it from home to put in my office windowsill.’
    • ‘In spring, the rains bring with them more than 2,000 species of wild desert flowers and greenery.’
    • ‘In addition, all that greenery depends on a lot of rain - as much as 300 in a year in parts.’
    • ‘Sooner than you realize, birds will start chirping and there will be greenery all around.’
    • ‘Tidy up winter containers by deadheading violas and cyclamen and removing dead leaves from ivy and other greenery.’
    • ‘Concern was voiced that greenery along the roads would be damaged by the work.’
    • ‘The roads in Delhi are wide, the buildings nice and there is a lot of greenery in some parts.’
    • ‘Infact I live right on the outskirts of the city and am pretty much surrounded by trees and greenery.’
    • ‘The outlying islands of the lagoon offer some things that are in short supply in Venice: space, calm and greenery.’
    • ‘The precious greenery around the city must be protected at all costs.’
    • ‘Lizards with bright blue tails scuttled out of our way, taking cover among the thorn bushes and cactus that were the only greenery.’
    • ‘Almost 70 percent of the resort is covered with tropical greenery and rice terraces.’
    • ‘Wearing leather gloves for protection, cut sprigs of greenery and bunch them up.’
    • ‘If the weather is like this tomorrow I plan to take a drive into the peak district and see some greenery.’
    • ‘A mist lightly dusts the thick greenery of the trees that cover the surrounding hills.’
    • ‘Mr Hall said he and his wife wanted to escape their London flat to somewhere with some greenery and space.’
    • ‘The new practice will be built around a glass central courtyard, which will be planted with shrubs and greenery.’
    • ‘Every town must have oases of greenery where children can run and play and other leisure activities can take place.’
    foliage, vegetation, plants, green, leaves, leafage, undergrowth, plant life, flora
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