Definition of green snake in US English:

green snake


  • A harmless American snake with a green back and white or yellowish underparts.

    Genus Opheodrys, family Colubridae: two species

    • ‘Smooth green snakes frequent prairies, oak savannas, bracken grasslands, open areas in pine barrens, and grassy areas along forest edges.’
    • ‘In order to grow, the smooth green snake must shed its skin.’
    • ‘Although rough green snakes are not baskers and do not require a basking light, we recommend providing a full-spectrum light for additional warmth during the day.’
    • ‘Too much water in the substrate seems to cause green snakes to develop little blisters.’
    • ‘Often slow to adapt and to accept food, once green snakes do eat they are often voracious and consume a lot.’