Definition of green manure in US English:

green manure


  • A fertilizer consisting of growing plants that are plowed back into the soil.

    • ‘Out of these sources only farmyard manure and green manure are widely used.’
    • ‘Popular choices for green manure include: annual ryegrass. barley, buckwheat, clover, winter wheat and winter rye.’
    • ‘The soil must have enough nitrogen to break down these components and a good idea is to add green manure, bloodmeal, or cottonseed meal to make decomposition more effective.’
    • ‘Stephen Leblanc uses cow manure, green manure and crop rotation to ensure nutrient-rich soil for his rapeseed crop.’
    • ‘Under organic management, fields received cover crop green manure as well as periodic dairy manure applications.’


green manure

/ɡrēn məˈn(y)o͝o(ə)r//ɡrin məˈn(j)ʊ(ə)r/