Definition of green corn in US English:

green corn


  • The tender ears of young sweet corn, suitable for cooking and eating.

    • ‘This device for extracting kernels from green corn is semicircular and slits the hulls, spreads them open, then compresses them to squeeze out the milk and kernels.’
    • ‘Irio, a Gikuyu dish, is a mixture of the kernels from cooked green corn boiled with beans, potatoes, and chopped greens.’
    • ‘Harvests during this time span would provide at least fall-back food resources for people awaiting mid-summer green corn and fall-season flour corn.’
    • ‘In an hour, the fruit is tender, its flesh off-white and mealy, with the aroma and flavor of green corn’
    • ‘When released into the air as a gas, it forms a white cloud and smells like newly mown hay or green corn.’