Definition of Greek salad in US English:

Greek salad


  • A salad consisting of tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese.

    • ‘He limited himself to a small bowl of curried pumpkin soup, passing up the Greek salad and spicy chicken samosas prepared by the island's superb chefs.’
    • ‘The Greek salad was very simple and good, with lots of feta and olives, and ripe tomatoes.’
    • ‘It comes with a little Greek salad, a vivid palette of grilled vegetables and a cup of yogurt-and-cucumber tzatziki sauce.’
    • ‘The Greek salad combines rough chunks of tomato, cucumbers, red and green peppers, a triangle of feta and a hot pepper for a mild but refreshing result.’
    • ‘The menu is creative and eclectic - Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, Greek salad, quesadillas, cinnamon rolls, Native American fry bread, herring, cheeses, and much, much more.’
    • ‘Proper lunch food is also available, including soups, hot savoury tarts, sandwiches, Greek salad and vegetable lasagne.’
    • ‘You may start with a salad and the Greek salad is enjoyable even if it has a dash too much dressing.’
    • ‘He chose a proper Greek salad - lettuce, tomato, olives, cucumber and palate-chilling feta cheese followed by a sensible portion of delicious grilled fish.’
    • ‘If you want, you can turn the following into a Greek salad by omitting the balsamic vinegar, cutting the tomatoes and onion in wedges or chunks, and adding feta, olives and oregano.’
    • ‘Greece has its national cucumber dish, tzatziki, and the famous Greek salad combines cucumber with feta, tomato and black olives.’
    • ‘They were gazing at the pool and leisurely enjoying pizza and Greek salad on a bench.’
    • ‘All entrées are served with a huge pad of rice, a great Greek salad loaded with olives and feta cheese, and lemon-and-herb-infused roast potato wedges.’
    • ‘They cooked lamb marinated in garlic and red wine, barbecued fish stuffed with basil and bay leaves, faki (a Greek lentil soup), and prepared a lovely Greek salad with olives and feta cheese.’
    • ‘We also ordered a Greek salad and a green salad with bacon and croutons.’
    • ‘All of our orders came with a side Greek salad and fries, though the salads that accompanied the lamb and the salmon were noticeably larger than the one included with the chicken sticks.’
    • ‘There were three salads: a lettuce one, a bean one and a sort of Greek salad with tofu instead of feta.’
    • ‘To start I had the Greek salad of cos and oak leaf lettuce, red and yellow peppers, paper thin red onion slices, creamy feta cheese and a herb and mustard vinaigrette.’
    • ‘The scientists from Glasgow University were astounded at how quickly tzatziki, souvlaki and Greek salads were replaced with burgers, fish suppers and Scotch pies.’
    • ‘The sizeable salad bar provides all the standards, plus shrimp, calamari, marinated mushrooms and Greek salad fixings.’
    • ‘The two Greek salads were poorly presented, resembling something one might receive during a school dinner, and were equally unpalatable.’


Greek salad

/ɡrik ˈsæləd/