Definition of greatness in English:



  • The quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.

    ‘Elgar's greatness as a composer’
    • ‘Whatever his personal qualities, greatness inevitably accrues to such a man.’
    • ‘Standing behind the throne of the ruler, they accented his power and greatness.’
    • ‘Respect and belief are two of the most important stepping stones to greatness.’
    • ‘Their greatness can perhaps be best measured in terms of their permanence.’
    • ‘We have always said that our little country has within it the seeds of greatness.’
    • ‘The greatness of a nation or a people is well judged by the manner it reacts and deals with calamities.’
    • ‘With every line of his statement, epic memories of past greatness were dishonoured and uprooted.’
    • ‘Rather, he was given the qualities needed to achieve greatness and made the most of them.’
    • ‘In the eyes of his contemporaries his military greatness was not in doubt.’
    • ‘There was a time when William's importance, even greatness, was taken for granted.’
    • ‘Despite the technology, you still need human talent and ingenuity to create a work of greatness.’
    • ‘In all my previous visits, these claims to greatness were more than backed up by the quality of the food.’
    • ‘Today they are genuinely uncertain of their own greatness, or of how to exercise their power.’
    • ‘Your achievement reminds us of the potential for greatness that resides in every one of us.’
    • ‘Perhaps we should make a distinction here between greatness and excellence.’
    • ‘Indeed, he nearly got bounced from the tour until a new-found maturity put him on the path to greatness.’
    • ‘The ability to win the big ones is, of course, the mark of true greatness.’
    • ‘Making the game look easy and having time on the ball were always seen as measures of greatness.’
    • ‘In time, they will find that social and political freedom is the only source of national greatness.’
    • ‘But there had been little in his background to suggest he was destined for greatness.’
    brilliance, genius, prowess, talent, expertise, expertness, mastery, artistry, virtuosity, flair, skill, skilfulness, finesse, panache, power, adeptness, proficiency
    eminence, distinction, pre-eminence, illustriousness, lustre, repute, reputation, status, standing, high standing
    grandeur, grandness, magnificence, impressiveness, splendour, gloriousness, glory, majesty, loftiness
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