Definition of greater celandine in US English:

greater celandine


  • A yellow-flowered Eurasian plant of the poppy family. Its toxic orange sap has long been used in herbal medicine, especially for disorders of the eyes and skin.

    Chelidonium majus, family Papaveraceae

    • ‘The conditions for determining the total greater celandine alkaloids resulting from a plant by acid infusion were studied.’
    • ‘Greater Celandine crushed and made into a gargle was used for toothache.’
    • ‘Greater celandine, also known as common or garden celandine, is a perennial having a yellow flower with four petals and grows up to 1m in height.’
    • ‘Its common name, lesser celandine, was mistakenly given to it when it was thought to be one and the same plant as the true or greater celandine, to which it bears no resemblance except in the colour of its flowers – both being yellow.’
    • ‘Greater celandine is a long-established introduction of roadsides, hedge banks and waste ground.’


greater celandine