Definition of Great Society in English:

Great Society


  • A domestic program in the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson that instituted federally sponsored social welfare programs.

    • ‘Ultimately this meant in practice the subordination of the rights of the individual to allegedly higher ‘goods,’ i.e., the good of the economy, the expansion of the GNP, the building of a Great Society.’
    • ‘The federal government began to play a significant role in public education when President Lyndon Johnson signed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, a Great Society program designed to help needy students.’
    • ‘Income-tax collection is designed to pay for government ‘services,’ not act as a Great Society income-redistribution scheme.’
    • ‘How is this any different from a Great Society redistribution scheme?’
    • ‘The federal government's efforts to usher in this Great Society took the form of numerous social welfare programs targeting hunger, joblessness, poor health, bad housing, and other social ills.’
    • ‘President Johnson wanted to create the "Great Society" -- to end poverty, promote equality, improve education, rejuvenate cities, and protect the environment.’
    • ‘But if the Great Societyhad not achieved that dramatic reduction in poverty, and the nation had not maintained it, 24 million more Americans would today be living below the poverty level.’