Definition of great skua in US English:

great skua


  • A large North Atlantic skua with mainly brown plumage, feeding by robbing other seabirds.

    Catharacta skua, family Stercorariidae

    • ‘The great skuas, known locally as bonxies, which live by stealing fish from smaller birds, are displaying disturbing behavioural changes.’
    • ‘From Sidhean Mor we followed a faint path south, back towards the lighthouse, passing a small loch below Sidhean Beag where bonxies, great skuas, were creating turmoil amongst the oystercatcher nests.’
    • ‘Although the numerous seabirds that surround it in spring are great too watch, be aware of the great skuas, or ‘bonxies’.’
    • ‘In the present study, we investigate sex differences in environmental sensitivity of great skuas Stercorarius skua, in natural broods and in experimental broods without sibling competition.’
    • ‘Records stretching back 30 years indicate a tricky problem for marine conservation: When fishing vessels discard less fish-waste material, scavenging seabirds called great skuas attack and kill more neighboring seabirds.’


great skua

/ˌɡrāt ˈskyo͞oə/