Definition of great room in US English:

great room


  • A large room in a modern house that combines features of a living room with those of a dining room or family room.

    • ‘They headed across the inn's deserted great room and up to Kat's room.’
    • ‘One arm of the U can also serve to divide the kitchen from an adjoining room, such as a family room or great room, in place of a solid wall.’
    • ‘He left Paul with Adam and went out into the great room of the house.’
    • ‘Since an attached garage is usually close to the kitchen, it's a good candidate for conversion to a family room or a great room combining kitchen, dining, and low-key entertaining functions.’
    • ‘Jutting off the house's great room, a 108-foot-long reflecting pool mirrors the majestic Wyoming skies.’
    • ‘The glassy living area holds a compact galley kitchen and great room with built-ins that fold out for overnight guests.’
    • ‘In addition to the fireplace and balcony, the great room features a large bank of windows - like a giant composite lens - aimed at the Portland skyline.’
    • ‘Downstairs holds a kitchen and great room, with a picnic table.’
    • ‘He staggered back, startled, and then brushing the curtain away, he stepped into the great room of the Captain's house.’
    • ‘A view of the entire great room and dining room beyond from the reception/library area.’
    • ‘Tall windows and doors in the great room allow rooms further back on the site to benefit from the north light and views to the bay.’
    • ‘A porch off the great room extends the living space out to a courtyard with a dipping pool and deluxe alfresco kitchen.’
    • ‘The main floor features a vaulted great room / kitchen wing to the right and a master suite to the left.’
    • ‘The main axis - a long, lofty great room containing living, dining, and kitchen spaces - is flanked by lower-ceilinged bedrooms.’
    • ‘This is especially true in today's modern homes, where family rooms and great rooms often adjoin the kitchen creating a large entertaining space.’
    • ‘Living room, family room or great room lights-wherever the family spends most evenings’
    • ‘Banking the fire, he blew out the lamps in the great room, slowly climbed the stairs and headed towards his room.’
    • ‘Today, even modest tract homes feature cathedral ceilings, great rooms and oversize walls, presenting an entirely new challenge to home owners: How to decorate oversize rooms with a modest budget.’
    • ‘He had reached the point where he could no longer sit still but had taken to pacing the great room of the house, tramping back and forth before the fireplace.’
    • ‘Three pavilions, one housing a great room (kitchen, dining room, and living room) and two housing master suites, are connected by an interior porch or gallery.’