Definition of great egret in US English:

great egret


  • A large white heron of North and South America. Its yellow bill turns orange when breeding.

    Casmerodius albus, family Ardeidae

    Also called American egret
    • ‘There, the tidal waters of Bolinas Lagoon harbor one of the richest concentrations of bird life in California, attracting more than 75 species and 15,000 individuals annually, including an abundance of great egrets.’
    • ‘Flying over the Everglades, passengers might expect to see a flock of great egrets or a twisted mangrove forest.’
    • ‘As we walked back to the truck we saw a great egret flying over.’
    • ‘Majestic great egrets, stark white against a backdrop of greens, browns, and blues, stood like motionless ballet dancers along the water's edge.’
    • ‘But my attention is riveted by the huge - and noisy - colony of great egrets roosting on nearby Indian Island.’