Definition of grease the skids in US English:

grease the skids


North American
  • Help matters run smoothly.

    ‘his mission was to use his budgetary skills to grease the skids for new projects’
    • ‘Adherence to basic etiquette and civility in negotiating can help a great deal since etiquette does grease the wheels of a civil society.’
    • ‘First, grease the skids with campaign contributions to key lawmakers.’
    • ‘A good communicator masters the rules of etiquette and good manners since these are what grease the wheels of effective interpersonal relationships.’
    • ‘The first step is that you need capital to start businesses and grease the wheels of commerce.’
    • ‘You have investment bankers standing by to grease the skids and take their cut.’
    • ‘Students hunt after internships because they often grease the skids for graduation, making it much easier to find a job once the student loans come due.’
    • ‘Would he give any house room to a politician who asked for a few quid to grease the wheels of a project?’
    • ‘Slippery accounting helped grease the wheels.’
    • ‘The industry also liberally greases the skids of the legislative process with huge campaign donations, topping $26 million in the last election cycle.’
    • ‘And there will always be the money and political machinery to grease the wheels.’