Definition of graybeard in US English:


(British greybeard)


  • 1humorous, derogatory An old man.

    ‘old graybeards with little idea of how to conduct business’
    • ‘The graybeards out there will remember that the practice of renting computers is decades old.’
    • ‘The cheers came on cue, even though the applause must have struck quite a few of the Democratic graybeards in the audience as a tad ironic.’
    • ‘He inspires in youth a sense of possibility and in greybeards a sense of youth.’
    • ‘Despite all these changes, we graybeards can take comfort in the fact that there is indeed at least one ‘Eternal Marketing Truth’ which still applies.’
    • ‘In the new age of fluidly changing computer skills it is the kids, reflexes honed by years of electronic games, who lead the field, not the greybeards.’
  • 2archaic A large stoneware jug used for holding spirits.