Definition of gray parrot in US English:

gray parrot

(also African gray parrot)


  • A parrot of western equatorial Africa, with gray plumage and a red tail, widely kept as a pet for its mimicking abilities.

    Psittacus erithacus, family Psittacidae

    • ‘Vancouverite Michelle Blaney takes in unwanted parrots, currently caring for four macaws, an African grey parrot and a cockatiel.’
    • ‘Twenty five years of research has shown that grey parrots have cognitive intelligence equal to a 6.5 year old child and communication skills equal to a 2 + year old child.’
    • ‘In the last few years, though, the MIT professor Irene Pepperberg has been conducting some rather amazing experiments with her pet grey parrots.’
    • ‘African grey parrots have the reputation as being the best talkers of the parrot kingdom.’
    • ‘This amazing African grey parrot has a vocabulary that's greater than 950 words and actually invents words and phrases.’