Definition of gray mullet in US English:

gray mullet


  • A thick-bodied, blunt-headed fish that typically lives in inshore or estuarine waters and is a valued food fish.

    Family Mugilidae: several genera and species

    • ‘Three species of mullet are common around the British coast, the grey mullet is the smallest species, reaching only around 30 cm.’
    • ‘A round, oily fish, grey mullet is tasty and full of vitamins.’
    • ‘To our great joy we soon spotted a few grey mullet swimming close in and made a rush to the car to grab the fishing gear.’
    • ‘As you make your way back to the shore, the shallows are a good place to spot grey mullet foraging among the shingle.’
    • ‘The grey mullet are normally only found in the river during the summer months, migrating to sea as the temperature drops.’


gray mullet

/ɡrā ˈmələt/